Jam Flavors I Have Either Made or Plan to Make

In the fall of 2015, I ran a Kickstarter called Jammly. It was to raise money to play around with jam and jelly ideas.  It was successful and raised a little over $3000.  Unfortunately, it did take me quite a long time to fulfill all the orders.  It turns out when you offer jam as a reward, AND you get a lot of backers, you end up making A LOT of jam.  in the end I wound up making somewhere around 600 jars of jam (I needed about 400 for my backers).  While the Kickstarter itself was successful, it ultimately cost me a lot more money, but I was quite happy I did it.  I learned a lot, created some interesting products, and met a lot of great people along the way.  At the moment, the rest of my life is too busy to do anything substantial with Jammly, but I do still have some jams, and I still make small batches occasionally when the mood strikes.  My hope is that someday I can find a way to add it back into the stuff I'm doing in a more meaningful way, but for now, it will have to just stay a fun idea.  

  1. Apple Rosemary Jelly - I've made batches of this before, and I personally, love the mix of savory and sweet.  However, I think some were a bit put off by the "woodsy" nature of the rosemary.  Next time I need to tone down the rosemary and maybe introduce a little more brown sugar.
  2. Smoked Pear Jam - This one is one of my bigger hits I think.  You peel and chop the pears then cold smoke with a sweet wood (apple, etc).  Then just make a relatively regular jam from there with it.  I love it, but the smoking bit makes it fairly labor intensive, so I don’t make it often.
  3. Raspberry & Prosecco Jam - this is my daughter's favorite.  I think the suspect the prosecco adds just a bit of a sweet bit to the raspberries that makes for a good combo.
  4. Spiced Blueberry Jam - Another one of the first I made with Jammly, and a popular one.  Blueberries plus lots of somewhat savory spices (anise, peppercorn, cinnamon, etc.) and just a bit of dutch cocoa.
  5. Glogg Grape Jelly - nobody ever knows what glogg is, but I love it.  It’s a mulled Swedish holiday wine (orange, cinnamon, cardamom, port, red wine, amongst other things).  I took all those flavors and made a straight up grape jelly with it.
  6. Strawberry & Rose Jam - I made a small batch of this for Erika and Susan's wedding, but I want to make a larger batch this year - it's just strawberry jam, with a bit of rosewater and a little vanilla bean.
  7. Thai Peach Jam - Another one I made primarily for myself.  This was also a riff off an older project, Potionotics (mixers for cocktails).  This includes peaches, lemongrass, Thai bird chilis, and ginger.
  8. Plum & Shiso Jam - Last fall I wound up with a lot of plums and shiso leaves at the same time.  After tasting (okay, eating) a bunch of both, I added some ginger liqueur, and poof, another jam I'm pretty pleased with.
  9. Watermelon, Citrus, & Chile Jelly - We had half a watermelon that needed to be used up, and I was wondering if you could make a jelly from it.  This is sort of a riff on the chili fruit sweets you see in Hispanic markets.  I don’t love it, but it tastes as I imagined.  It's sort of like marmite - you either love it or hate it.
  10. Marionberry Lemon Marmalade - Another I made for Erika & Susan.  It’s a straight up lemon marmalade (tart and tangy), but with big fat, Oregon Marionberries tossed in to sweeten it up.  Since its super purple, it's very surprising to get that tart lemon in the first bite.
  11. Grapefruit & Gin Marmalade - I just want to make a Salty Dog (Gin and Grapefruit with Salt) in jam form.  Haven't made it, but I need to try this winter.
  12. Gin & Tonic Jelly - I made versions of this in 2014 and liked it, but feel like I can improve. The gist is to take all the botanicals infused in gin and add them to white grape juice.  Then make a grape jelly with it and at the last minute, add a little tonic syrup (it’s a thing) to it for that bite you expect in a gin and tonic.
  13. Rum(my) Raisin Jam - I mean it's all right there in the title, rum, raisins, maybe some brown sugar, heat it, blend it, eat it on toast. The darker the rum, the better.
  14. Chocolate Raspberry Jam - Another relatively successful Potiontics project was a barrel aged Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur.  This just converts that flavor profile to jam.  The trick is to use cocoa nibs when making the jam, then be vigilant about getting the bits out before canning.  This adds chocolate flavor without all the extra sweet.
  15. Strawberry & Black Peppercorn Jam - This is yet another cocktail syrup I'd made in the past.  For some reason, I just love black pepper and sweet berries together.
  16. Absinthe & Fig Jam - I've made this one a bunch in the fall when our friend Liz gives us more figs than can be eaten (or should be eaten) at one time.  It’s a play on an existing popular Fig and Port Jam out there but substitutes absinthe.  The fennel flavor goes well with figs.
  17. Apple Pie Jelly - This one I have made, its a bourbony cinnamon apple jelly that I like quite a bit.